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Anjum Qureshi


  • Former Sr. Technology Planner at Ames Department Store.
  • Former LAN Specialist at Caldor Corporation.
  • Former Network Support Specialist at MicroAge Info systems.
  • Former Network Systems Coordinator at Computer Systems Consultants.
  • Former Pharmaceutical Sales Executive at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pakistan.

With a degree in Physics Electronics and a diversified experience in Sales, IT, Gas Stations Retail and Sign Industry, Mr. Qureshi understands the Digital Electronics Signs Technology and Business very well. He is keen to understand the customer’s need and is committed to deliver the best for today and future.

At e Signs USA, we relish the captivating LED brightness and modern technology. We provide unparalleled prices on exceptional digitally innovative Gas Price LED Signs, branding, and imaging work for gas stations, and other marketing signs. You may benefit from a quick and secure checkout procedure while making your choice from a variety of alternatives that are tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to grow into additional northeastern states, but we are here to service the CT, MA, RI, or New York markets.

Select us to illuminate your world. Enter a world of flair and let the staff at e Signs USA brighten your branding needs!

More information about LED Technology

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an old invention but its use as a source of light is phasing out the conventional light bulbs and fluorescent lights. It’s the biggest revolution of modern science. It’s extra ordinary long life, high lumen value and an unbelievable low cost, that is a fraction of the cost of conventional lighting, is a blessing to the mankind.

GAS Stations LED Digital Price Signs is relatively a new concept of 20th century but it has started growing very fast in the last 5-10 years.

Changing the Gas Price on the Pole Signs with the help of a suction cup mounted on a long stick has been the most annoying task, some time more than once in a day, especially in the winter time in those areas where tons of snow accumulates on the ground.

Some states in US require Gas Price above the Gas Pumps also (referred as Pump Toppers). It doubles the job of the operator to change the price on Pole Sign as well above all the dispensers (again, especially in winter in colder areas), this extra time adds on the payroll as well.

The concept of LED Price Signs revolutionizes the Gas Station Industry by using digital pricing to display the current Gas Price. Now the operator does not have to go out and do it, with one click on the remote it changes the prices on all signs while sitting inside the store.


The LED Price Signs are more visible even from a distance and also more meaningful by it’s colors, commonly, Red for Regular, Green for Diesel and Yellow for Kerosene.